Let the sun shine in and make the most of what South Carolina has to offer

As a member of the National Sunroom Association, we take pride in manufacturing sunrooms that are top of the line, designed with attractive, durable components that meet the highest standards for quality and we’re able to offer our superior sunrooms at competitive, factory-direct prices.


What makes our sunrooms Super-Rooms:

  • Exclusive vinyl/wood composite construction
  • Insulated construction for year-round comfort
  • Blends in with all types of architecture
  • Rapid installation system
  • Maintenance free and dent free construction
  • Built-in electrical raceways
  • Complete with gutters and downspouts

Custom built Sunrooms to meet your year-round needs.



The Super Room is the pinnacle of sunroom designs, giving home owners year-round access to the beauty of South Carolina's seasons from the comfort and warmth of a room. Whether it’s a family room, recreational area, gym, game room or hot tub enclosure, the Greenville Super Room is your home’s destination for the true South Carolina experience.


At Greenville Window, we have elevated our sunrooms above the competition with our composite wall design, nationally recognized for its product innovation.  This proprietary mix of wood and vinyl gives the Super-Room greater thermal efficiency and increased structural integrity. We have also added an internal bracket system to enhance the beauty of the room eliminating bulky screw heads.  All these attributes combined will give you a strong, efficient and beautiful addition to your home.


Greenville Sunrooms are made to handle heavy winds and intense South Carolina heat. Our roof eliminates those concerns.  Greenville Window utilizes a snap lock panel with high-density foam available in 3”, 4” and 6” thicknesses.  Panels also resist surface damage, chalking and acid rain with a Krystal Kote finish.  Gable and studio options for roof style, and gutter/downspout are included for proper drainage away from your house.



Our poly deck consists of panels with 5” insulation sandwiched between two sheets of ½” OSB.  Poly decks eliminate costly foundation work and make for a more comfortable floor under your feet.  The finishing surface can be your choice of carpet, tile or almost any other type of flooring.


Do you want to enjoy the outdoors in a new Patio Room, but don’t need a Super Insulated Wall to do it?... A three season Leisure Time Room can be your solution!  Enjoy the outdoors year after year in a Leisure Time Room custom built for you.


Of all the possibilities, few will return as many pleasures as your New Leisure Room.  It can add increased value to your home, help lower heating and cooling costs and protect your valuable patio furnishings.  All of this can be accomplished for a surprisingly low investment in your home.


Relax in this single pane glass and screen room from early spring through late fall.  Enjoy the outdoors without the bugs, dust and rain. The Leisure Time Room features our great, insulated roof system with a sturdy 2” aluminum wall structure.

Meet South Carolina's leading sunroom. Greenville Window builds sunrooms so that anyone can enjoy the outdoors year round without having to worry about rain, insects, or harmful UV rays. We manufacture our own sunrooms, and our team of highly trained, experienced installers provide professional installation services. As a member of the National Sunroom Association, we take pride in manufacturing well-designed sunrooms with attractive, durable components that meet high standards for quality. We’re able to offer our superior sunroom additions at competitive, factory direct prices. From our location in Greenville, SC, we are proud to serve the upstate area. With one of our sunrooms, you can experience the great outdoors without leaving your home.

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